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Edible bird's nest is the nest made purely of swiftlet's saliva secretion. This nest is usually found in caves near shoreline cliffs or under eaves of house and is hand-collected. Hairs and filth are then removed from the nest before manufacturing.

The Swiftlet bird (scientifically named Collocalia, known as Walet in Indonesia) belongs to the Apodidae family, which is not the same as the common Swallow bird. Swiftlet birds live in flocks along tropical seaside and consume wild insects. From the appearance, Swiftlet differs from the so called "House Swallow" size wise. The average body length of a Swiftlet is 9 centimeters, about half the size of a Swallow.

Swiftlet has a shorter and rectangular-sharped tail while Swallow has a longer and forked tail.

The average life span of a Swiftlet is about 15 to 18 years. Its age influences the quality of its nest. In general, the older the bird is, the more simmer-tolerant the nest is.

Residents of an East Javanese village find a way to make a decent living feeding the bizarre habits of the wealthy. These rare nests of the swiftlet are sold at astronomical prices in the finest Chinese restaurants.

As Achmad Basuni and his wife were building their new house, great fortune suddenly flew in the window.

A pair of swallows darted into the half-finished kitchen and cast knowing eyes around the walls and rafters. Like all astute real estate buyers they knew exactly what they wanted: Security, space, a cool atmosphere, friendly co-tenants and easy access.

While any Westerner finding feathered friends moving into their kitchen would probably call a pest exterminator, this couple rejoiced. 'It's a blessing from God,' exclaimed Achmad.

The kitchen was given to the visitors and the home rapidly re-designed. When the swallows laid their first clutch, Achmad substituted a pair of swiftlets' eggs bought for Rp 60,000. The reason? Depending on the quality and season a kilo of swiftlets' nests can fetch around Rp. 10 million at the barn door.

Unlike their bigger and better travelled cousins, swiftlets build edible nests that are highly prized as the raw material for the Chinese Bird's Nest Soup. This is the Caviar of the East.

Edible Bird's nest?? I can't imagine how one can transform twigs and grasses into a gourmet food.

The nests in making bird's nest soups are exclusively those of swiflets, the birds from the family of common swallow. These highly prized nests are built and clung to the ceiling of the caves as high as 70m by the birds mostly of seaweed that is mixed by their own saliva, making the process of harvesting an ordeal and expensive. Swiflets nests are mostly found on cliffs in areas along the Southern Chinese coast and South East Asia .

Bird’s nests are available in two forms – complete piece (cup shaped) which is better in quality, or broken pieces; and in two conditions -clean (often pale yellowish unless it’s another variety called “bloody bird’s nest” which is reddish in color) or unclean (blackish, contaminated with feathers and twigs). The best kind is devoid of pinfeathers and foreign particles and in good shape. The preparation of unclean bird’s nests can be a very tedious task. First you need to soak them for at least a day. It will expand, loosening most impurities to float to the top. Wash the nests under running water and repeat the process if necessary until nothing comes loose by itself anymore. The remaining stubborn impurities stuck in the nests will have to be patiently hand picked using a pair of tweezers aided by a pair of sharp eyes, which explains why, despite the price difference, very few people would go for the unclean nests. For clean nests, soak in cold water for about 3 hours or until soft, then clean them under running water and they are ready to go.

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Bird's Nest Soup

Soak the bird's nest overnight in fresh water. Using a fine mesh strainer drain and rinse the nest. Place in a saucepan and add 2 cups of water and the ginger slices. Simmer for 5 minutes and drain in the strainer, discarding the ginger. Pick out any impurities and add to the soup stock and simmer for 1/2 hour.
Stir in the cornstarch mixed with water and cook to thicken. Add salt to taste and pour the beaten eggs in a thin stream over the top of the soup. Read more...

Benefits of Bird Nest

Rich in protein, calcium, iron and other nutrients, bird's nest is good for all, young and old, men and women, the sick and mother-to-be. T he Chinese have been relishing bird's nest as medicinal gourmet food for centuries and believe it replenishes and nourishes the internal organs, Learn More...

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Started in 1995 as a bird’s nest processor and in 1996 as an exporter, King’s Nest currently exports to various destinations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China and the United States.

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